How to DROP a PRIMARY KEY in MS SQL Server

Sometimes you may need to drop or delete primary key of a table in MS SQL Server. You can drop a primary key in SQL Server using the ALTER TABLE statement.

Let’s create a table first to demonstrate the example.

CREATE TABLE [DataAnalytics].[dbo].[tblt_emp]
emp_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
dob DATE,
age FLOAT,
income DECIMAL(10,2),
remarks NVARCHAR(500),
CONSTRAINT pk_tblt_emp_id PRIMARY KEY(id)

The syntax to drop a primary key using the ALTER TABLE statement in SQL Server is:

ALTER TABLE table_name
DROP CONSTRAINT constraint_name;

Let’s look at an example of how to drop a primary key using the ALTER TABLE statement in MS SQL Server.

ALTER TABLE [DataAnalytics].[dbo].[tblt_emp]
DROP CONSTRAINT pk_tblt_emp_id;

After executing the above statement you will see a successful message of executing the drop constraint statement.

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