Data Types in Python

If you want to start coding in any programming language you have to learn the data types of that programming language. Python is very much rich in it’s data types. There are different data types in Python. Let’s see these different data types in Python:

Category Data Types Example
Text Type str i = “Fahimur Rahman Khan”
Numeric Types int



x_int = 100

y_float = 100.33

z_complex = 1j

Sequence Types list



x_list = [“Minhajur”, “Rahman”, “Khan”]

y_tuple = (“Minhajur”, “Rahman”, “Khan”)

z_range = range(100)

Mapping Type dict dist_map = {1 : “Dhaka”, 2 : “Gazipur”}
Set Types set


v_set = {“Dhaka”, “Gazipur”, “Jamalpur”, “Rajshahi”}

v_f_set = ({“Dhaka”, “Gazipur”, “Jamalpur”, “Rajshahi”})

Boolean Type bool i = True
Binary Types bytes



x = b”Great”

y = bytearray(1024)

z = memoryview(bytes(1024))

To see the data type of a variable write the following code:


print("Data type of variable a is ",type(a))

Result will be:

Data type of variable a is <class 'float'>

In this tutorial, I have shown the different data types in Python. Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. If you want to get updated, like my facebook page and stay connected.

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