Google Colab Notebook for Python

Sometimes we may require to work with Python without installing Python into your laptop or computer. It’s not a big deal in the present world with the help of Google. Google is providing you the facility to use Google Colab Notebook in cloud under Google Colab project which allows you to write and execute Python code in your browser. Whether you’re a student, a data scientist or an AI researcher, Colab can make your work easier than ever. It does not required any configuration, it has free access to GPUs and it is also easy sharing facility.

URL of Google Colab Notebook:

Click NEW NOTEBOOK and paste the following code in the code window.

print("This is my first program in Google Colab Notebook")
print("Result of a + b = ",c)

Once the toolbar button indicates CONNECTED, click in the cell to select it and execute the contents in the following ways:

  • Click the Play icon in the left gutter of the cell;
  • Type Cmd/Ctrl+Enter to run the cell in place;
  • Type Shift+Enter to run the cell and move focus to the next cell (adding one if none exists); or
  • Type Alt+Enter to run the cell and insert a new code cell immediately below it.

After running the above code (by pressing Ctrl+Enter), you will see the following result in the result window:

This is my first program in Google Colab Notebook
Result of a + b =  11

In this tutorial, I have shown you how to use Google Colab Notebook from Cloud. Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. If you want to get updated, like my facebook page or and stay connected.

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