What is Test Dataset in Machine Learning

In machine learning, a common task is the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Such algorithms are used to make data-driven predictions or decisions, and to build a mathematical model from input data. These input data used to build the model are usually divided into multiple data sets. In particular, three data sets are commonly used in different stages of the creation of the model: training, validation, and test sets.

A test data set is a data set that is independent of the training data set, but that follows the same probability distribution as the training data set. If a model fit to the training data set also fits the test data set well, minimal overfitting has taken place. A better fitting of the training data set as opposed to the test data set usually points to over-fitting.

A test set is therefore a set of examples used only to assess the performance (i.e. generalization) of a fully specified classifier. To do this, the final model is used to predict classifications of examples in the test set. Those predictions are compared to the examples’ true classifications to assess the model’s accuracy.

In a scenario where both validation and test datasets are used, the test data set is typically used to assess the final model that is selected during the validation process. In the case where the original data set is partitioned into two subsets (training and test datasets), the test data set might assess the model only once (e.g., in the holdout method). Note that some sources advise against such a method. However, when using a method such as cross-validation, two partitions can be sufficient and effective since results are averaged after repeated rounds of model training and testing to help reduce bias and variability.

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