Commonly Used Machine Learning Algorithms

There are different types of algorithms in Machine Learning. Here are some commonly used Machine Learning Algorithms:

  • Linear Regression: This algorithm is used to predict numerical values, based on a linear relationship between different values. For example, the technique could be used to predict house prices based on historical data for the area.
  • Logistic Regression: This supervised learning algorithm makes predictions for categorical response variables, such as “yes/no” or “1/0”, “a/b” etc. binary answers to questions. It can be used for applications such as classifying spam and quality control on a production line.
  • Clustering: Using unsupervised learning, clustering algorithms can identify patterns in data so that it can be grouped. Computers can help data scientists by identifying differences between data items that humans have overlooked.
  • Decision Trees: Decision trees can be used for both predicting numerical values (regression) and classifying data into categories. Decision trees use a branching sequence of linked decisions that can be represented with a tree diagram. One of the advantages of decision trees is that they are easy to validate and audit, unlike the black box of the neural network.
  • Random Forests: In a random forest, the machine learning algorithm predicts a value or category by combining the results from a number of decision trees.
  • Neural Networks: Neural networks simulate the way the human brain works, with a huge number of linked processing nodes. Neural networks are good at recognizing patterns and play an important role in applications including natural language translation, image recognition, speech recognition, and image creation.

If you are working with R, then I have an another article 200+ Machine Learning Algorithms of caret Package in R for you, from where you can learn about different parameters of 200+ machine learning algorithms and you can also bookmark it for your working reference.

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