Why Python?

Python is playing a big role in the present world of Data Science. Python is an open source high level programming language as well as very much enriched statistical software environment. There are many reasons for learning and using Python in the present age of Data Science. Let’s see why we should learn and use Python:

  • Python is a open a source program where you don’t need to spend any money for that.
  • Python has the highest demand in the data science sector.
  • Python is not only a programming language but also a statistical environment. So, there is a freedom to make things according to your needs.
  • There are many books on Python.
  • Python has a rich community over internet. So, you will get solutions most of your problems
  • Python is rich in packages and functions. Since, it is an open source program many programmer or users are contributing to develop new functions and packages day by day.
  • Python is available for Windows, MAC OSX and Linux. So, you can use R code anywhere.
  • It is very much easy to create reusable packages, functions in Python for different kinds of analytical needs.
  • Python is a highly well-documented program.
  • Python has a wide variety of statistical techniques.
  • Python has a wide variety visualization capabilities.
  • Python script can be saved and reused whenever required.
  • Big tech giant company i.e. Microsoft, Oracle, Google are also integrating Python with their solution.
  • Python is used not only in universities but also different big organizations. So, if you know Python, it will be easy for you to handle different kinds of projects in university life as well as in professional life.

You can also read our another tutorial Google Colab Notebook for Python by which you can run Python without installing Python into your laptop or computer.

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